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3 Short Comedies by Anton Chekhov

After the successful production of No Man's Land by Harold Pinter last winter and the highly acclaimed Canadian Premiere of The Window Outside in June, William B. Davis will be directing and acting in Troika, an evening of 3 irresistible short farces by Chekhov: 

The Proposal

On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco

The Bear

The cast includes well-known actors from former plays by William B. Davis and the The Smoking Gun Collective, An Inspector Calls, The Cherry Orchard, No Man's Land: Jack Rigg, John Prowse, Martha-Elisabeth Ansfield-Scrase, Chris Walters, and Rebecca Husain.

The play will be on stage from Oct 28 to Nov 12 at Jericho Arts Centre in Vancouver.


Tuesday – Saturday evenings at 8PM

Matinees Saturdays and Sundays at 2PM

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Jericho Arts Centre, 1675 Discovery Street, Vancouver

Troika Official Poster.jpeg


A nervous young farmer comes to propose to his neighbour’s daughter but things get a little out of hand... or the proposal that goes wrong.


Nyukhin, a henpecked man and also a smoker, has been told by his wife to give a lecture about "the harmful effects of tobacco". Bear with him, as he might make a few brief digressions to complain about his domineering wife.

It's all the same to me; but, kind ladies and gentleman... I urge you to take my lecture with all due seriousness, or something awful may happen.

What's more suited than a speech on the harmful effects of tobacco by the cigarette smoking man!


When a widow who fancies herself inconsolably bereaved meets a landowner deeply in debt and also a total boor.


Director:                                                        William B. Davis

Assistant Director:                                         Douglas Abel
Stage Manager:                                            Andy Sandberg

Costume Designer:                                       Julie White
Props - Set Designer & Producer:                 Linda Begg

Graphic Designer & Executive Producer:     Emmanuelle Davis

This is a Canadian Actors' Equity Association production under the Artists' Collective Policy.

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