William Directed J.B. Priestley's play AN INSPECTOR CALLS

at the Jericho Arts Centre, Vancouver, in 2017


It’s a cool evening in 1912 and the Birling family is celebrating their daughter’s engagement to a rich prospect. Discussions are light hearted with hope for the couple’s future prosperity. They are as “perfect a family as the Titanic was an ocean liner.” The doorbell rings… an inspector calls and their lives are changed forever.




"Absolutely fantastic!"

"A first-class production of a superbly written, though-provoking and extremely relevant play! What a thoroughly satisfying evening of theatre at its best.”


“The acting was absolutely superb! My choice of favourite actor kept changing constantly. Bravo to the director and all actors and support people. A great evening's entertainment!”


“A great experience. It sucks you right in and keeps you guessing right to the end.”


"I really enjoyed this presentation. The plot held well together, keeping me focused throughout. I strongly recommend this performance as an entertainment experience worth seeing".



“An Inspector Calls is remarkably, more topical now than ever”.


“It’s a mystery story, but the underlying issues are issues of income inequality and the need for a more caring society.”


“Period elements such as costumes, by Kate Carr, and set design, by John R. Taylor, will make viewers of the British drama Downton Abbey feel at home”.


The Sun, article published on Dec 21st 2016, by Shawn Conner