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DAEDALUS (Short Film - 2018)



William B. Davis


Emmanuelle Davis


Chris Walters, Gus Khosrowkhani,

Robert Leaf, Mary Black, John Prowse,

Li Volchok, Emmanuelle Davis,

and with the participation of William B. Davis


Original Score:
John Mills-Cockell


Daedalus has been selected in the official selection of the Vienna Film Festival, Hudson Film Festival, and the Bridges Film Festival in Peloponese. Daedalus has been awarded Best Short Film at The Cyprus International Film Festival in 2018.



When two crime detectives answer a call for help and enter a mysterious building, they open a door to some hidden secrets and will have to choose between going deeper into the truth or searching for an exit.

Daedalus follows the investigation and personal lives of Detectives Cyrus Kashani and Theodore Prowse. They approach the case supplying logical, scientific explanations for an apparently unexplainable phenomenon, but when they fathom the mystery of a strange building, they are forced to review their perception of reality and priority. As the movie will progress, the inner darkness of the characters is revealed.

Director's Notes:

From first to last this short film is the creation of my wife, Emmanuelle Davis. From her imagination, influenced by Greek mythology and contemporary thrillers, to her almost obsessive care of the post production process, this is her movie. What does it mean? An epistemological puzzle, it means what you think it means. What it means for me is a compelling story that explores ideas and connections that are unusual and highly dramatic.

What did I actually do? Aside from giving some advice and ideas. I directed the actors, framed the shots with the DOP, and did a first cut. Emmanuelle did the rest. She had help in the post production from some talented young people and original music from the iconic John Mills-Cockell, who worked with me in radio drama before Emmanuelle was born. I was never certain if the movie would actually “work” until I finally saw it all put together with the sound and music. It’s a powerful drama. I hope you enjoy it!

BEST SHORT FILM - Cyprus International F
Vienna Film Festival.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rome Independent Pr

Daedalus was produced with the co-operation of the Union of B.C. Performers.

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