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EXCHANGE (Short Film - 2003)

William B. Davis

William B. Davis

Jay Brazeau and Erin Wright



John Mills-Cockell

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Exchange was screened at several film festivals and was nominated for best drama at the Yorkton Short Film Festival and screened by the CBC. Exchange was also finalist in the online Very Short Movies contest.


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In a provocative short film from writer/director William B. Davis, a sexually charged power struggle ensues when a university professor confronts his young student with evidence of cheating. Starring Jessie Award winner Jay Brazeau and Leo Award winner Erin Wright.


Director's Notes:
I suppose in my mid sixties I should be thinking of drinking tea at the cottage and playing with my grandchildren rather than embarking on an entirely new career. But I don't like tea and I love making movies. The short film Exchange, is the first step in this new direction to which I am passionately committed.

I have a lifetime of experience working with actors both as a theatre director and acting teacher. And of course I have a great deal of experience working in front of the camera. It made sense then that my first film would be primarily an actors' piece. With that in mind I planned this tense and yet filmic drama between two people who start innocently and end up destroying their lives in less than sixteen minutes.


I was fortunate to be able to cast two wonderful award winning actors, Jay Brazeau and Erin Wright, who are nothing short of brilliant in this piece. 


My other lifetime passion is the study of human nature whether through drama or psychology or evolutionary biology. This film deals with powerful genetic drives that we continue to poorly understand and which we indulge at our peril. We humans think we are so smart, but we are often amazingly wrong.

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Exchange was also broadcast by the CBC on Zed and Canadian Reflections.

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