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Giving Giving Voice to one of Television's most Memorable actors

The Audio Release of Where There's Smoke...Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man.

Vancouver, B.C -There are some people who are born with voices with tones and timbres with the type of depth that are just destined for performance. That's why audio books are becoming an increasingly popular choice for book fans in all genres—with the biggest names in film and television vying for the opportunity to narrate the latest literary works. In the case of actor William B. Davis, the recent release of the audio version of his award winning memoir, Where There's Smoke...Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, was the perfect opportunity to take part in the growing trend.

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Best-known for his work as the Cigarette Smoking Man on TV's The X-Files, Davis' voice is one of the things people most remember about his character. Often touted as the "Darth Vader" of The X-Files, it was only natural that Davis' deep, resonating tones made him instantly recognizable to fans worldwide.

So when it came to casting the narrator to bring vocal life to Davis' fascinating history in the Canadian film and theatre scene, the choice was an easy one: William B. Davis, himself!

"The casting for an audio book is really important—it's really no different than in film or theatre. It's especially true for a biography—a lot of writers out there are brilliant wordsmiths, but when it comes to public speaking, they're just not well-suited to it," says Davis, whose book has received rave reviews since its release last year.

"I guess I'm fortunate in that respect, because performance is my bread and butter, so there's no risk of another actor missing the punchline of one of my jokes! Or, more importantly, not quite capturing the essence of the experiences I'm sharing."

Davis is a sought-after interviewee for radio and podcasts not only because of how entertaining and insightful he is, but also because of his vocal acuity. Where There's Smoke...Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man is published by ECW Press, the audiobook is available through

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