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William directed Elliott Hayes's HOMEWARD BOUND at PAL Theatre, Vancouver in 2017


Produced by: Western Gold Theatre


Bonnie .………. Anna Hagan

Glen .………..... Howard Siegel

Nick ………...... Jordon Navratil

Norris …........... Mia Ingimundson

Kevin ……........ Chris Walters

Guy ……..... …. Seth Little


Novelist Margaret Atwood wrote: "Homeward Bound is a play that pulls the term 'comedy of manners' inside out... it is a comedy of manners, but with a difference, comedies of manners used to be about love, but this is the late twentieth century, and Homeward Bound is a comedy of manners about death. The machine that winds it up and keeps it going is simple, though outrageous: Bonnie and Glen, two acutely square and respectable parents, have thrown a family dinner for their two adult children and their respective mates, to announce—as it turns out—that Glen is dying of an incurable disease and intends to kill himself...

Homeward bound pic.jpg

However, the intention of the evening orbits as each person's immediate concern surfaces: their daughter is pregnant (who is the father?), their son-in-law has kidnapped the children (or has he?), and her son's lover arrives to set matters straight (if he can).


Atwood adds, "Elliott Hayes has fashioned a brisk, intricate, deranging and tightly strung play...his art is a funhouse mirror, and what we see in it are fragments of ourselves, distorted, grotesque even, but recognizable

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"This comedy of manners takes a sharp look at love, marriage and the family with ideas still valid today. It is also very funny. Anyone from a family that bickers will recognize themselves and so will anyone who has ever had a skunk in the garage. At the same time it is also a very serious play about aging and death and is as up-to-the-minute as the news in its proposed responses.

There were plenty of laughs on opening night for this clever and observant play"


Review Vancouver

by Elizabeth Paterson

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