Davis' personal life is a long and challenging story, some of which is revealed in his recently published memoir, Where There's Smoke ....

Davis has two adult children and two grandchildren.

In 2011 Davis married the lovely Emmanuelle Herpin in France and is happier now than he has ever been. The couple has often been separated by oceans and continents - Emmanuelle was the Director of Finance for the City of Hyères on the south coast - but they have found many ways to be together. Emmanuelle now has her Permanent Residency and has joined Davis in Canada.

Long and gangly in his youth, Davis never felt coordinated unless he had a board or two attached to his feet. Skiing, whether on snow or water, has been a lifelong passion. Most other forms of exercise, including the infamous Grouse Grind are considered training for skiing. Still, he has been reluctant to 'retire' and devote himself full time to skiing as many of his skiing friends have. His artistic career is still alive and active.

Politically, Davis has always been left of centre, the degree of leftness varying with circumstance. For Davis climate change is the critical issue facing humankind. He is worried about the lack of political will to deal with the problem. Was Easter Island a trial balloon for mankind?

Davis has never believed in aliens or alien abductions. A graduate in philosophy, he has ranged from agnostic to atheist. Much as people argue for the compatibility of religion and evolution, Davis suspects they are mutually exclusive.