BOOKPLEASURES.COM “Aficionados of The X-Files will get their monies worth. Those interested in the Canadian stage will get even more. Beyond these two audiences, anyone interested in the acting profession can pick up insights and wisdom from a director who’s worked with some of the best in some of the most challenging circumstances. It’s a fast-paced story told with wit and humor, enjoyable for any reader with an eye for the footlights.” (Podcast interview and more)

POP CULTURE GUY, "There is no doubt that William B. Davis has led a fascinating life. He candidly shares his vast experiences, both good and bad. Where There's Smoke ... is a sincere, interesting and intellectual effort that features enough variety of material to appeal to a diverse demographic." (more)

R.W. GOODWIN, The X-Files Executive Producer, Writer and Director "When The Cigarette Smoking Man actually first spoke on The X-Files, we found out what a truly talented actor Bill Davis is. Now, in this absorbing, fascinating book about his rich and exciting life, we discover he's equally talented as a director, teacher, lover, skier, and much more."

TOM BRAIDWOOD, actor, producer, and director (The X-Files, Millennium, Da Vinci’s Inquest) “For anyone who is a student or lover of theatre, or anyone involved with the profession for that matter and in whatever capacity, the book is a treasure trove of history - full of detail and insight of not only a dedicated and talented thespian of the trade but also a fascinating historical perspective of a particular period in Canadian and British theatre. Thoroughly enjoyable. One gets a very clear sense of the enormous devotion and commitment it took in choosing such an elusive lifestyle.”

SLICE OF SCIFI "If you’ve ever wondered about the life and career of Davis before he found mainstream recognition as one of the best villains in television history, you will definitely want to pick up Davis’ autobiography." In Broadcast #447. Brian Brown and Michael R. Mennenga also interview Davis (10:36-20:48).

CBC MORNING EDITION (Vancouver, BC) interviewed William B. Davis on October 19th at 8am. The interview was in-studio and broadcast live on CBC Radio One’s Morning Edition. Listen to the podcast.

THE INTERNET REVIEW OF BOOKS "Saving the best for last, he tells the amazing story of how, when he was at his lowest point both personally and professionally, he returned to acting and became television's greatest villain. X-Files fans will love his recollections of the series and his detailed commentary on the classic episodes he appeared in. Readers in general will enjoy William B. Davis' unforgettable memoir, written with wit, verve, humor, and poignancy, a page turner every bit as intriguing as the man himself. The truth is in here."

GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS TONIGHT (CBC Television) Davis taped in-studio segment as part of the show’s nightly comedic sketch called “The Cold Open”.

SHADOWLAND "Ironically, Davis played one of the nastiest, deplorable characters on television, yet he has penned one of the most likable, downright fun, and certainly well-written memoirs I have ever had the pleasure of reading."

GLOBE AND MAIL “In this warm and entertaining memoir, [William B Davis] discusses his life and career, including anecdotes, recollections and gossip from time on-stage and before the cameras with such stars as Brian Dennehy, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Martin Sheen and Donald Sutherland.”

THE PROVINCE "Davis has a pleasant conversational style when he writes – if you’ve heard his voice before you’ll hear it again as you read him."

JERRY WASSERMAN, Vancouver Actor, Critic and UBC Theatre & Film Dept. Head “Bill Davis’s remarkable career in the performing arts makes for a vivid memoir and a valuable cultural history. While telling of his pioneering work in the Canadian theatre, his participation in the golden age of modern British theatre, and his almost accidental stardom inThe X-Files, Davis also candidly skewers many of the stuffed shirts he met along the way. An entertaining and addictive read.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY “Davis provides a nice backstage look at the episodes in which he starred. His most notable observation is that series creator Chris Carter and his producers and writers – as suspected by hardcore fans - ‘flew by the seat of their pants’ in developing a conspiracy mythology...” (more)

DAVID HELWIG, Poet, Novelist and Essayist “Bill Davis’s memoir is a lively personal story and a document in the history of theatre. He tells a revealing tale of how determination and chance led him to be a stage director in England, a producer, director and teacher in Canada and, to his own astonishment, a film actor who achieved celebrity for his television performances in The X-Files. His account of his life is thoughtful, amusing, even mildly scandalous. He’s very sharp about how things work or fail to work. His narrative takes the fascinated reader into many back rooms, and opens locked doors. This is not how it should have been, but how it was.”

WATERLOO CHRONICLE "an entertaining and addictive read, filled with humorous anecdotes and insightful, insider stories from the set of The X-Files." (more)

ON SCREEN AND BEYOND "William B. Davis may not be a household name, but he has been a talented actor for over 60 years and is best known for his role as The Cigarette Smoking Man on The X-FIles. I was impressed by his memoir. He could have sugar-coated his stories of his fellow actors, but instead we get a realistic and open look into his life, being on The X-FIles and his fellow actors. Not that he bashes anyone, but we get what seems to be an honest, candid and sometimes funny read. An enjoyable book for everyone and a must for all X-Files fans!

THE MORTON REPORT “It is ironic that a good part of his 60 year career was spent acting in and directing theatrical productions with the likes of Donald Sutherland and Sir Lawrence Olivier. Who could have thought this would lead to an iconic role on a massively popular television show dealing with the paranormal?” (more)

THE ONION The A.V. Club is the arts-and-entertainment section of The Onion. Editor John Semley's interview with Davis appears here.

DREADCENTRAL.COM “One of the most recognizable characters in TV history is Cigarette Smoking Man on The X-Files, portrayed by William B. Davis, and if you're among his worldwide fans who continue to enjoy his appearances on shows such as Human Target, Capricia, and Supernatural, you'll be as excited as we were to learn about Davis' new book …  a must read for all X-Files fans and aspiring actors/directors.”

SPACE TV interviewed Davis in October, 2011, and ran a promo event and book contest. 

GOODREADS.COM “This is a fantastic book and a great read. Mr. Davis has had an interesting time as an actor. There are a few insights into The X-Files, but everything leading up to that is far more engrossing. I just interviewed Bill about this book and he is just as fun in person as he is on the page. I highly recommend this book.”